Update 10.21.2014:
We're looking for new collaborators and contributors. Anyone with several gigs of music who would like to share with the community and the world please contact us. This is a limited opportunity so here are some basic requirements.

- Must have an organized collection
- At least 300 GB of music total
- At least 20 GB of albums
- Must have Quality internet connection at at lease 15mbps down 5mbps up

Contact us directly at for more specifics.

Update 10.05.2014: 
We have re-posted 1979 - 2014 to the site and with that have completed the archive update. If you guys come accross any material that does not have a download button please let us know so we may promptly fix that posting. This was a long process and we appreciate your patience. We hope you continue to enjoy the site and we would appreciate any feedback which may continue to help us improve the site to serve you better.

We've also updated the search component for more reliable and relevant results. Give it a try! 

Update 10.05.2014:
You can now use you Android and Iphone devices to listen and download music from ReggaeTopSite. All the music players in every posting are now mobile compatiable. You'll need a 3rd party app like DownloadHD on apple devices to download content directly your apple device.

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Featured Riddim

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